Store data - manage information​

Today, organisations need support both in storing data and in designing and managing their infrastructure. They are looking for an all-encompassing solution to transform the deluge of data into valuable assets of corporate intelligence.


Complete storage solutions

Arrow ECS helps maximise the value of corporate data by designing and implementing data storage solutions through which data can be properly managed, efficiently stored, readily retrieved and easily used. As a result, isolated pockets of information are consolidated into powerful reserves of knowledge.

Our expertise extends far beyond putting the right storage technology in place. From assessing requirements, to carefully planning any new solutions, to implementing a business-led backup and recovery strategy, we’re totally focused on helping our channel partners reduce costs, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity for their customers.

“We are proud of our excellent reputation as a trusted organisation. Arrow ECS has been the driving force behind UK&I data storage. Together with our partners and vendors, we have consistently set the standard in delivering first-class data storage solutions to a broad range of customers.”

Mark McHale, Managing Director Data Centre Solutions
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