Introducing Solution Station​

Launched in April 2014, the Arrow Solution Station is a unique online tool that has been designed to help our channel partners find everything they need to sell solutions in today's ever changing IT market. 

Solution Station is a clear differentiator for Arrow, with its exciting solution finder helping our partners to not only discover the information on the technology they're sourcing for their customers, but also providing them with a list of other complementary technologies avaliable from Arrow. 

The site provides a wealth of information on the range of our value added service offerings including professional services, marketing and more. As well as enabling our partners to build solutions, which ultimately leads them and us to transact more business, they can also access the latest promotions, news and partner programmes from across the UK. 

Solution Station has been designed to: 

  • Bridge the gap in multi-vendor tactical selling
  • Be a one stop platform for learning
  • Communicate effectively the latest promotions, news and partner programmes
  • Build loyalty within channel with recognition points for utilisation and recommendation of the site

What's in it for our vendors?

  • Position your technologies against complementary plays within the market
  • Help simplify your messaging to make selling product easy
  • Raise awareness and profile to existing and net new channel partners
  • Guarantee news, promotions and events are widely advertised and out it the channel
  • Dynamic business development management with the ability to report and track movement and quote volumes

What's in it for our partners?

  • Access via a secure login to 150+ product solutions from 16 vendors with 400+ complementary product sales guides 
  • Matches product searches to the latest vendor promotions and events
  • Details of vendor partner programmes and reference to make selling easy
  • Over 200 supporting vendor documents ready for download
  • Mapped value added services to take advantage of