It’s no longer enough for servers to tick all the traditional boxes for performance, reliability and scalability. Today, they play a vital role in increasing business efficiency, reducing infrastructure complexity and carbon footprint, and cutting operational costs.

More and more enterprises are looking to technologies such as virtualisation and consolidation to extract greater value from their IT infrastructure. But rethinking your server strategy is a big step and crystallises areas of risk: will the reduced number of servers that form the core of a simplified environment be able to stand the pace and the pressures placed on them?

With strong vendor partnerships and outstanding technical expertise, we architect, implement and support the fully integrated solutions that today’s pressured operating environments demand. We enable customers to deploy servers effectively to gain improved control, simplicity and service, without any compromise to business continuity or service levels.

“Rather than simply supplying servers as stand-alone products, our approach is to deploy them as part of an integrated solution and a natural extension of the storage environment. They form an important building-block in creating an effective, streamlined IT infrastructure which can tackle real-world business challenges.”
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