Software innovation - a fresh approach to business-critical enterprise software​

Companies look to IT solution providers for help in responding to the major drivers of improving efficiency and extracting maximum value out of data. With the IT environment becoming increasingly complex, they also need help to shield users so that they can focus on their core responsibilities.

To meet this need, Arrow ECS has grown its software capabilities to offer partners and their customers world-class software solutions and enhanced strengths in consultancy, technical, sales and training support.

Today, Arrow ECS provides standalone and integrated software solutions through a team of experts recruited for their knowledge and experience in business-critical enterprise software. The division attracts high-level recognition in the software market and makes a major contribution to Arrow ECS' overall success as Europe’s leading integrator of data infrastructure solutions, products and services.

Working in close partnership with CA, IBM Software, Symantec and other enterprise software companies, Arrow ECS delivers all solutions and services through an extensive, Europe-wide network of leading corporate resellers and systems integrators.

“We assist our partners in architecting and integrating end-to-end solutions to solve the issues arising from customers’ growing reliance on their IT infrastructure.”
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