Data Centre and Infrastructure Management Solutions​

As the concept of Cloud computing becomes a reality, most organisations are moving towards centralised, consolidated data centre centric IT infrastructures. To support this model a range of infrastructure management solutions, collectively described as DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management), have emerged. The objective in deploying these tools is to ensure that all aspects of the infrastructure from Endpoint to Data Centre can be Managed, Optimised, Protected and be fully Compliant.

A structured approach to data centre and infrastructure management

An agile, well run data centre and IT infrastructure is central to successful IT delivery, but with budgets under constant review, managers are constrained to make existing resources work harder. Spiralling volumes of business critical data, resource hungry applications and higher user expectations add to the pressure.

Arrow ECS' DCIM portfolio 

We have the established relationships in place to map leading solutions from world-class vendors onto these disciplines and can help your customers apply a planned, controlled methodology for achieving effective data centre and network infrastructure management.

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