Across all areas of Arrow ECS business we are committed to working with Channel Partners. The Partner Programme will provide Partners with the necessary support and resources to compete and “win the business” within this highly competitive market.

Sales and Pre-Sales Support

Arrow ECS has a dedicated team of sales and pre-sales specialists who are available to take full responsibility for any qualified lead generated by a Partner.


Arrow ECS has excellent training facilities providing product awareness training for both your sales and technical employees as well as your customers. Regular training sessions will be held to ensure new and established partners are informed of key developments. The training sessions will take place every two to three months, and Partners will be informed of dates and agendas and can register attendance via email.

The training is intended to ensure that Partners have a thorough understanding of Arrow ECS services and capabilities, and will provide practical scenarios from salesmen, which aim to distinguish key differentiators for MDS sales success.

Technical Demonstrations

Arrow ECS has extensive technical and support skills and can conduct ‘proof of concept’ demonstrations in conjunction with Partners. For customers with larger data volumes a Project Definition Workshop (PDW) would be advisable.

Arrow ECS' highly trained consultants are able to provide a bespoke solution for the customer after investigating their data requirements and identifying their business objectives.

Both offices have Technology suites, which have tape libraries and vendor equipment on show. These are accessible to Partners when booked through Account Managers and with technical supervision.



Working with Arrow ECS gives you access to an unrivalled range of facilities in Harrogate and Central London.

Arrow ECS has three data centres, which are all environmentally controlled and fully equipped with high levels of security throughout and 24- hour support. A data centre tour can be arranged for your customers and can be used as a powerful sales tool.

Arrow ECS partners are invited to make use of the superb conference areas where seminars, training days and briefings can be hosted for up to 50 people. The Facilities are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment. The rooms can be booked either through your sales contact or Account Manager.Partners can host seminars at our offices but will need to provide support personnel and lunch can also be ordered for the event on behalf of the Partner.

Hot Desks

‘Hot desks’ are available for Partners and customers allowing you to maximise your working day.
Corporate Brochures

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Virtual Marketing
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Sales Lead Portal (SLP)

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Inpartnership is a point
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access to 30,000 individual
reward options.